Container Candles

Container candles are what people normally think of when shopping for candles. I offer a variety of containers and sizes. All container candles are made with premium Single Pour Container Wax-IGI 4630. You select the color and fragrance of each candle you order. Hexagon Container Candle The Hexagon container is a very pretty container. It […]

Specialty Candles

4 Inch Ball Candle A ball shaped candle is nice to have around. If you are good at painting, you can order white candles and paint stitches on them to look like baseballs. Order them in yellow, paint stitches on them and you have a softball. This candle is $10.00 and you select the color […]

Holiday Candles

Easter Egg Candles The 2.5oz Egg candle is very popular around Easter but they are sold year round. The Egg Candles are sold in quantities of 3 for $9.00, 6 for $15.00 and 12 for $25.00. You select the color and fragrance. Click Product Image for Larger Picture View Other Fragrances Egg Candle 3 Pack […]

On Sale

Christmas Flower Pot The Flower Pot container holds 4 oz of wax. We have only two colors: Red and the fragrance is Cinnamon and Blue and the fragrance is Mulberry. I only have three of each in stock at this price. Sale Price – $3.00 Click Product Image for Larger Picture Color / Scent Red […]